Ingrid Land Photography

I grew up in the plains of the "Hauts de France", the northern region of France, bordered by the North Sea and Belgium. Let's be clear, it's not the French glamour you might be thinking of. The region was formerly France's great industrial heartland and is home of a multitude of historic sites, including world war heritage. In these lowlands, regular drops of rain are all that is required for gloom to descend. 

As a child, I had a great sense of observation. My favourite time of year was our summer vacation in the south of France. My first encounter with bliss was in Corsica, a French island aptly named "L’île de Beauté” (The Beautiful Island). My Dad would record our voyage with his Nikon film camera while I was mindfully observing the way he composed his images. This was the commencement of my love for photography and a great fascination for the outdoors.  

I learned to be independent from an early age. While my parents loved me and did their best to raise us, they were often away, both working long hours to make ends meet. I was often left adrift, or with my brother, with whom I had a difficult relationship. Growing up, I had a low self-esteem and no confidence in myself. Food became my support and my enemy as I was filling an emotional emptiness.

After high school, I didn't know which direction to take. I ended up studying business administration and soon after my master graduation, I got a job in human resources. Things were good, but dull. I was unfulfilled, somewhat incomplete.

In 2009 my life took a turn as I delved into a part of me that I ignored for so many years. I realized I had a strong desire for adventure, exploration and learning new languages and cultures. 

I decided to quit my job, bought a camera and booked a plane ticket to Sydney, Australia. As soon as I landed I felt a sense of freedom and release. I knew I was in the right place. I was ready for a change, new challenges. I started as an Au pair in an extraordinary family and took care of their fabulous 3 (and very active) children for the first few months. These children became my greatest teachers. I photographed them at play, laughing, playing, jumping. They reminded me not to take myself too seriously, and that life could be lived simply by being who you are and do the things you most love. I knew I was an explorer, but in the past I had never been able to unleash this part of me. I started exploring my new surroundings, expressing my passion for photography for the first time, and sharing my adventures through a blog.

I began taking photos everyday and it became a creative outlet, almost a therapy for me.

Through my lens, I was able to perceive more possibilities, and started to develop the self-confidence I was deeply lacking.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and photographing was providing me a great sense of purpose and liberation.

I was free, unearthing my unquenchable thirst of adventures, fulfilled for the first time in my adult life.

Photography has been very therapeutic to me. It has helped me to reconcile with a part of me that I neglected and lead me to a better self-esteem. It opened the doors to a better understanding of who I am, and helped me carry myself in a way that projected greater self-confidence.

Throughout the journey, I emancipated myself from my critical inner voice, free to engage in my pursuit of satisfaction and meaning in life. I started to listen more to my heart and be the woman I was meant to be by expressing my creativity and exploring in nature.

This lead me to take a big leap on faith and embark on the journey of becoming a full-time photographer.

Currently based in British Columbia, I travel frequently to create my clients' wildest dreams and to remain highly inspired.

I happily travel near and far to capture the ever-unique wish of the people I am fortunate to photograph.

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