Ingrid Land Photography

 ~ For companies & individuals who aim to do good to the Earth 🌿 ~

Here are the areas I focus on:

  • Ecotourism & real estate
  • Sustainable housing *
  • Airbnb properties
  • Permaculture, eco-village & farms
  • Product & food photography **

* treehouses & tiny houses projects

** eco-friendly, handmade & ethical products, organic & locally sourced foods

I believe that by reintegrating more ethical and traditional practices in our lives, we can drastically improve our well-being, but also rectify the damage that we've inflicted on our planet.

The quality of food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the products we use, all matter in the quality of our life, and inevitably in our environment.

My traditional French upraising in the countryside made me conscious of environmental aspects from a young age. I grew up amongst farms and fields, and the products on the table were always coming from dad's or grandma's garden, or from local producers. Consuming local has never been questionable, it has always been the way of life for my family.

In our today's society it is not easy to preserve this natural lifestyle, with the abundance of processed foods, that is progressively degrading our health, and our soil, due to amount of pesticides used by the food industry.  

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and companies to expand their business so then more people can benefit from their sustainable, eco-friendly approach. I believe we can make the greatest impact if we educate people, and serve our community. 

By supporting local, natural, organic and sustainable businesses through photography and all aspects of my life, it is my way of giving back to the Earth.

Photographs have power, they deliver a message that, if conducted properly, can have a tremendous impact on how people live, and the way they consume.

Let me help you create some super nature-powered images ! 🍀