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The Power of Visual Branding and why it matters

Most people think that a brand is a logo, or even a mark. In reality, a brand is a comprehensive experience. Photography (and videography) is the most powerful tool that shapes the initial impression of potential clients. Once you’ve defined your personal brand, how do you show it? This is where your personal branding photo shoot comes into...
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You are enough

For years I compared myself with others, I felt incomplete, different. I was not like the ''other girls''... I was one of the tallest, and had lots of complex about my body. One day I asked my mum, almost in tears, ''why am I not like the other girls''? A moment of silence... she was perplexed. This massive feeling...
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Look within

It is sometimes hard to follow your heart. It takes courage.  What is stopping you from doing the things you truly love? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of being criticized? Of being not good enough? Your mind will always find excuses.  There is hardly anything more dramatic than letting your fear control your life....
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Transformational festivals

There is something truly magical about transformational festivals. These events aren't just music festivals. They are a celebration of life. They are designed to foster awareness in fundamental areas such as community-building, social responsibility, personal growth, healthy living, and creative expression.  At these events, it is common to meet new friends who tell you how festivals have changed...
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