Ingrid Land Photography



I'm glad you're here !

I'm Ingrid, the girl behind the camera. I grew up in the countryside of North of France. From an early age, I became fascinated by foreign lands, new cultures, and languages. In 2009, I bought my first dslr camera, and flew to Sydney, Australia. Since then, I have been living as an expat and I am now based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Catching shimmering sunrises and gloaming sunsets on the ocean, exploring ancient forests and climbing lofty mountains is what I live for.   

But being an expat hasn't always been easy; it's a sinuous road, a daring adventure. Yet, it has opened a new world of possibilities to me, and immeasurable personal growth. Today, I can ardently say that stepping outside of my comfort zone was, and still is, the best thing I have ever done in my life. 

So.... why photography?

I felt intrigued by my dad's Nikon film camera when I was a little girl, but it's only when I left my country and started traveling that I deeply fell in love with the process of photography. The art of observing nature, fully grasping the fragility and the magic that lies in each moment, has brought me closer to my own heart and practice a more mindful way of living. 

With photography, I create meaningful collaborations with companies, conscious individuals, entrepreneurs and creatives, whose soul purpose encompasses healthy living and sustainable practices. Together, we create stunning and impactful content that depicts who you are and your mission in this world. 

I would love to hear from you, your passions, and your story. Please click below to get in touch!