Ingrid Land Photography

About me

Ever since I was a little girl, I found my inspiration and comfort in nature. Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight. It taught me about life, and death, about change and evolution, about challenges and perseverance. It taught me about perspective and balance. Most importantly, it taught me about being humble, and to believe in myself. 

I grew up naturally shy and always preferred to observe others. I simply had to get out of my own way for something greater, and do the healing in order to live my life from a higher perspective. I remember embarking on my first solo journey in Australia and it felt like the universe was flowing through me (read my full story here). I learned a lot through mistakes, perseverance, and it is nature & photography that has taught me to practice walking through life with a vulnerable and open heart. When we do what we love, we are like lamps plugging into the universe, allowing light to shine through.

When I feel overwhelmed or I struggle with my emotions, I get out in nature, to find peace and harmony.  The art of observing nature, discovering new lands, grasping the fragility and the magic that lies in each moment, has brought me closer to my heart. 

Photography has reconnected me with my inner child. It has allowed a profound shift in perspectives, helping me improve how I see myself and the world around me. It has expanded my vision and opened doors to new and infinite possibilities.

My deepest aspiration is to help women see themselves from a fresh perspective and increase their self-confidence. I believe that photos can alter positively the image we have about ourselves and it is with nature that it can be the most transformative. 

I am also passionate to work with brands who aim to do good for the environment, and help them expand their products & mission in this world 🌿

Please contact me for inquiries. I would love to co-creating with you!